Born in the Shire, raised on the slopes

I hail from the small Oxfordshire village of Brightwell Baldwin, but it was during my formative years spent on the slopes of the Alps that the inspiration for the Raclette was born. Having served my time at Exeter University I set out looking for a way to channel my youthful exhuberance in a positive direction.  The one thing I have always been hugely passionate about is my food, and as i left Uni the street food scene was really blooming but no one was doing Raclette, MADNESS. when i thought back to all the holidays i went on to visit my relatives in the alps one of my fondest memories would always being having a Raclette with all the Fam. so Based on nostalgia and a gut feeling Le Rac Shack came to be. We try to maintain not only a high standard of cuisine, but also an entertaining atmosphere wherever we serve. Even if you're not hungry you might enjoy watching the unique cooking process of melting the raclette.

RAC SQUAD............


AKA: Big boss, The Dude, The Puppeteer

Age: 25

Main role: Wherever the action is

Special move: 'The double pump scrape'

When he's not melting cheese: He's thinking about melting cheese


AKA: Razz, Razzy, 

Age: 25

Main role: King of the potatoes

Special move: 'Self inflicting Burns'

When he's not melting cheese: He works for a online Skate company

Clemence HOPE

AKA: Lezzer, Hopeless 

Age: 22

Main role: Signwriter and master scraper

Special move: 'Chatting up punters'

When she's not melting cheese: she likadaparty!


AKA: Alex Turner, Bobby Burton, Razzy 2.0

Age: 22

Main role: King of the kitchen, Baguette master.

Special move: 'not Chatting up the punters'

When he's not melting cheese: he's practising his dance moves and learning new arctic monkeys songs


AKA: JP, Carl Jenkinson, Adam Lallana, Johnny Wenger

Age: 22

Main role: FOH, Master chatsman

Special move: 'laying the Shackdown'

When he's not melting cheese: he's representing Tinder and getting trolleyed at Oxford uni. woop woop.

Charlie HUGHES

AKA: Hughesy, Shaggy, Dartaignon

Age: 22

Main role: FOH, Chief doer

Special move: 'Flaming cheese dump'

When he's not melting cheese: he's enchanting ladies with his smooth riffs and double denim look.

Megan REID

AKA: The Looks, Reido, Alba, the Face

Age: 26

Main role: FOH, One Woman Selling machine

Special move: 'Sale force 9'

When she's not melting cheese: she's helping ordinary folk change their lives with daytime quiz shows (go on holiday to benidorm)


AKA: The bosswoman , Colonel

Age: 24

Main role: Picking up the Pieces, Allrounder

Special move: 'Drunk punter put down'

When she's not melting cheese: she's creaming it in!

Willoughby BADGER

AKA: The badge, Willy Monster, Jordan Belfort, the schmoozinator

Age: 27

Main role: Master scraper

Special move: 'The lattice'

When he's not melting cheese: Selling drugs, to big drugs companies

A tribute to a founding father who is no longer with the team


Lenny Percival

"For me the most satisfying part of the whole process is the scrape. Watching all that lovely melted crispy cheese fall over the baby Charlotte potatoes and home honey roasted ham makes me hungry every time I serve a plate. That and the look on people's faces as they see what's in store for them. Originally I'm half Greek and half English but the more I do this the more I think I might have been better off born in the Alps."